About Jasmine Johnson

Jiujitsu competitor Jasmine Johnson

Having over 14 years of experience in the jiu-jitsu world, Jasmine Johnson is a BJJ purple belt living out of Austin, Tx. Jasmine Johnson has competed in the pro circuit for 10 years on platforms including EBI Invitational, Fight 2 Win Pro, and ADCC trials.

Finding a passion for sports at a young age, Jasmine quickly took to jiu-jitsu as a child and the obsession has only grown from there. From the age of six, Jasmine has competed in numerous competitions, big and small, and won against some of the highest-level women in the sport such as Jessa Khan and Jessie Crane.

Originally from Orlando, Fl, you might be wondering how she found her way to Austin, Tx., and that is all thanks to BJJ black belt and world ranked competitor, William Tackett. Some may not know, but the two grew up competing on different jiu-jitsu promotions together and overtime their long-distance friendship blossomed into what is now their marriage. With that, Jasmine made the decision a few years ago to relocate to William’s hometown of Austin to not only be with him, but further her jiu-jitsu career training out of Fight Factory jiu-jitsu.

After a lengthy battle with different injuries, Jasmine does not compete as often, but she is still just as involved in jiu-jitsu whether it’s training for leisure, writing articles on various jiu-jitsu topics, or assisting William in preparation for his big-league competitions.

When not on the mats, you can generally find Jasmine embracing her adventurous spirit somewhere in the ocean, on a hiking trail, pursuing her career in sports therapy, or traveling abroad with William and their dog Kona.

Interested in female grappling or booking a sports therapy session?  You can connect with Jasmine on Instagram @_jasmine_johnson.