Best BJJ Soap To Protect Against Ringworm and Fungal Infections

Best soap BJJ

The best soap for wrestlers and BJJ practitioners is Defense Soap and Body Wash. This is because Defense Soap was specifically designed for grapplers. It is made with specific ingredients to help prevent and get rid of ringworm and other common mat diseases. 

When it comes to checking all of the boxes for effective soap for common mat infections it is hard to beat Defense soap and body wash. That said, there are many other great antifungal soaps on the market as well.

We will get to my other top picks later on but first, let’s talk about why defense soap is my number one pick in more detail. Also, we will discuss other things you can do to help prevent getting and spreading funguses and other skin infections in wrestling and BJJ.

Why Defense Soap Is Great For BJJ and Wrestling

The reason defense soap is the best soap for BJJ is that it is specifically designed for grapplers. Some very common skin infections are found on wrestling and BJJ mats.

Not to mention all of the skin-to-skin contact you experience when rolling. The ingredients in defense soap are specifically designed to fight the most common funguses and skin infections grapplers face.

Some of the most common would include the following:

  • MRSA ( Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus )
  • Staph
  • Ringworm
  • Impetigo
  • Herpes
  • Jock Itch
  • Athletes Foot

Not only are these skin problems a pain in the butt, but they can also sideline you or your whole team. Whether you are trying to avoid these conditions or you already are dealing with them defense soap can help.

It is made with two of the most powerful essential oils known for their antimicrobial properties. That is tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. These two essential oils are great for containing certain bacteria and fungi.

Some people will say that the best thing to use is a smile anti-bacterial soap. The problem is that these soaps usually do not have the right ingredients to be effective against many fungal infections such as ringworm. Defense soap is a great option because it uses natural ingredients while still being effective.

Some people might be shaking their heads at that statement thinking it is pure hippie nonsense. Because of all of the multilevel marketing companies promoting essential oils, many people are hesitant about whether or not they are effective.

I understand where they are coming from as many of us have probably heard some outlandish claims made by some marketers.

Soaps With Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Help Protect Against Ringworm and Staph

Tea tree and eucalyptus oil have certainly been shown to help control certain skin bacteria and fungus. The good thing is that this soap does not kill bacteria as many other soaps do.

This way your skin flora is not disrupted and you won’t kill off all the good bacteria. So whether you are concerned about being natural or simply want something effective, Defense soap is a great option.

Defense makes several amazing products. Not only do they have a line of bar soap but they also have a whole line of body gel as well. You can save some money by buying a whole bulk gallon of defense shower gel

In addition to that, they also have body wipes, equipment spray, and much more. Since certain fungi can linger around in your clothes, Defense also makes a laundry booster as well. Knowing how to properly wash your gi and grappling gear is essential for proper hygiene.

Best BJJ Soaps

There are several other great soaps for wrestlers and BJJ practitioners. The main thing you are going to be looking for is whether or not the soap is effective against skin and fungal infections such as ringworm.

You do not want to simply buy cheap antibacterial soap such as Dial. For the most part, most of the soaps you want to look for are going to be made with the same ingredients. Most commonly tea tree oil and other oils that are natural and effective.

All Natural Remedy Soap

If you are looking for the best soap for wrestling and BJJ, Defense Soap is not the only option. All Natural Remedy Soap is another one of my favorite brands.

It is also made with tea tree oil but also contains peppermint and aloe. It is very refreshing and nourishing for your skin.

Since I live in Texas where it is hot most of the time, this body wash feels great after a hard rolling session or day in the sun.

Submission BJJ Soap

This soap is very similar to defense soap. After all, I think the name gives it away that this soap was formulated for grapplers. It is made with olive and coconut oil as well as tea tree and eucalyptus oil.

Honestly, it is a combination that is hard to go wrong with. One thing I do love about Submission Soap is that they have an activated charcoal variety.

Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash

Another great body wash is made by Purely Northwest. It is also made with both tea tree oil and eucalyptus but also has other great ingredients such as rosemary and peppermint.

This product is also great for people dealing with an itchy scalp. After all, many people’s scalp problems are fungus-related.

Signature Black Bottle Antifungal Body Wash

Last but not least is Signature Black Bottle Tea Tree Antifungal Foot & Body Wash. Like the other soaps on the list if is made with tea tree oil.

However, this soap also contains tolnaftate which is a synthetic thiocarbamate made to help fight fungal infections. Just in case you wanted something with an ingredient that is hard to pronounce.

Best BJJ Shampoo

It can be easy to simply think about washing your body and forgetting about your hair. Don’t get me wrong you could simply wash your hair with soap, however, some great shampoos are made with tea tree oil as well.

My go-to is Avalon Organics Scalp Treatment Shampoo. I struggle with an itchy scalp so I love this shampoo. You can also combine it with their scalp treatment conditioner.

I will also use Nizoral Shampoo about twice per week as well. It contains ketoconazole which is great for treating certain fungal infections and fighting dandruff. It might even help with thinning hair as well.

In Conclusion

In my opinion, Defense Soap is the best soap for wrestling and BJJ. That said, there are a ton of other soaps and body washes that are also great options. I think the best ingredient to look for in soap is tea tree oil.

Bacterial and fungal infections like ringworm and staph are serious issues and are very common with grapplers. So make sure you do all you can to prevent them.

You must help prevent spreading them to others around you. The best thing you can do is keep yourself and your clothing clean. In addition, make sure you go to a gym that takes this issue seriously and cleans its mats.

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