Best Jiu-Jitsu Instructionals For White Belts and Beginners

Best BJJ instructionals for white belts

Understanding which BJJ instructionals are best for white belts and beginners is important. If you are just getting started in jiu-jitsu then you want to put all of your focus on the fundamentals.

There is no need to learn how to run before you walk. If you are a beginner then you need to be focusing on BJJ instructionals that are suited to your skill level. You should be focusing on the very basics of BJJ and learning the simple tried and true techniques.

Since you are probably spending a lot of time in vulnerable positions this is also a great time to focus on escapes. This is a time to master a handful of techniques both offensive and defense from each of the major positions in BJJ. It is not the time to overwhelm yourself with too much information trying to learn too many techniques at once.

If I could go back in time to my first day in class and give myself some advice here is what I would say. Focus on getting good at a few different techniques from each position and drill them over and over. An example plan would look like this:

What I Would Focus On Mastering First 

  • Master a handful of guard passes and half-guard passes 
  • 1-2 guard breaks
  • 2-4 takedowns
  • A few escapes from side control, knee on belly, mount, and back mount
  • 1-3 submissions from side control, knee on belly, bottom guard, mount, and back mount
  • A few sweeps from guard and half-guard

Best Instructionals For Beginners To Get Started With

BJJ instructionals can be pricey and out of reach. This is why we have created a free instructional by William Tackett where he shares his competition secrets. For those who do not know, William is a BJJ black belt, a world champion, and a professional no-gi grappler.

If you are interested in competing in BJJ this is a great place to start. You will get access to all of his competition secrets at no cost to you. Simply check out our free competition guide here!

All you need to do is enter your email and you will get access to our free course. In addition, we have more free jiu-jitsu courses and even a free community where you can ask William questions directly.

We plan on putting our free courses as well as a paid membership and community. Sign up now and you will be the first to know. We will have plenty of content specifically made for white belts and beginners and unlike other instructionals, you get actual access to your instructor and our community to ask questions.

Other Beginner-friendly Instructionals

There are many great instructionals you can find. You simply want to make sure that if you are new to BJJ you are focusing on the basics. The last thing you want to do is waste you time and money trying to learn advanced techniques before mastering the fundamentals.

Why White Belts Should Buy Instructionals

One critique that you will often hear is why would you buy instructionals when so much information is free online. There is a lot of truth to this as you can find a video on just about every technique you can think of on YouTube. The problem with this thinking is that as a white belt, you would not even know where to start.

Just like with a good recipe, you don’t just need the ingredients. You need to know the exact ingredients, exactly how much of each, what order to cook the ingredients, temperatures, cook time, and whatever else.

If you are just getting started it is probably not a great idea to simply start looking up random submissions you think look cool.

You need to learn techniques in the proper order to fully build your foundation in BJJ. The great thing about many of the BJJ fundamentals digital courses is that they will teach you what you need to learn in the correct order. In addition, you will learn why it is in that order and pick up on many small details along the way.

Without proper guidance, you can get lost when trying to learn BJJ online. There are a ton of little things that you will miss if you try to wing it yourself. For example, you might learn 10 cool submissions but never realize that you have to first get past your opponent’s guard to execute them.

In Summary

When you are new to BJJ you do not simply want to buy any random jiu-jitsu instructional online. Some of them if not most of them would not be what you should be focusing on at this time.

Though online instructional and digital programs cannot replace live training, they might help you to learn faster.

That said, make sure you pick the right program. As a white belt and even a blue belt, you should be mostly focused on the most basic foundational techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

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