What Kind of Gear Do You Need for Wrestling?

What kind of gear do you need for wrestling?

There is certain gear wrestlers will need during both practices and matches when it comes to high school wrestling or college wrestling. Wrestlers must acquire the right items to perform at their best. But what kind of gear do you need for folkstyle wrestling

High school and college wrestlers need to have the kind of gear consisting of proper shoes, a singlet, headgear, a mouthguard, and knee pads. Synthetic, tight-fitting clothing is crucial in that it minimizes the chances of injury during wrestling, as fingers will not easily get caught.

This article will go in-depth into the required gear high school wrestlers will need to be successful. If you are interested in learning more about this topic and finding out where you can find the best gear, keep reading.

What Gear Will You Need For Wrestling

There are a few things you will need to get before you start wrestling. Most of the wrestling gear you need is clothing or protective gear. With that said, let’s look at the most common items you will need before starting wrestling. 

Wrestling Singlet

Most high school and college wrestlers wear singlets when competing or in practice. Up until recently, wrestlers were required to wear singlets in high school wrestling. Today, however, most if not all schools now allow for an alternative Synthetic shirt or rashguard and proper shorts.

That said, probably the most basic wrestling uniform people will still wear is the wrestling singlet. This tight-fitting one-piece athletic uniform is great for preventing injuries. Because it fits so closely to the skin, you are not likely to get a finger or toe stuck in the clothing while wrestling.

That of course could earlier lead to a broken finger or toe. You can purchase a cheap and high-quality singlet for a pretty reasonable price. My go-to would probably be an elite sports singlet or an Asics men’s solid modified singlet if I were trying to buy something on a budget. If I was going for just quality I would probably choose the Adidas Lycra Wrestling Singlet.

Wrestling Rashguard Or Compression Shirt

Recently there was a rule change with the wrestling uniforms. Unlike the old days, most if not all high schools these days will let you wear a tight-fitting athletic shirt and grappling shorts instead of a wrestling singlet. In BJJ we call these shirts rashguards.

Wearing the proper shirt is essential to performing your best as a wrestler. A synthetic, cotton-free, fitted top is highly recommended, as it will benefit you and your opponent in several different ways.

For one, cotton absorbs sweat quite easily, leaving whatever material you are wearing soaking wet. Cotton also does not take sweat away from the skin, just keeping it there. Cotton also stretches a lot, getting in the way of you and your opponent on the mat.

The more your shirt stretches, the more likely you or your opponent are to get your fingers snagged and caught, potentially resulting in injury. All in all, it is best to avoid any cotton clothing when it comes to wrestling gear. 

To protect you and your opponent, a fitted, quick-drying t-shirt is your best bet when wrestling. Not only will this save you and your opponent from potential injury, but it will feel more comfortable physically against your skin when you begin sweating.

Cotton may also increase your chances for skin infections such as ringworm and staph infection, so it is clear that there are many reasons wrestlers should avoid cotton.

Where To Get Wrestling Rashguards

If you are looking for a wrestling-friendly t-shirt that will improve your performance, an Elite Sports Rash Guard is ideal for you. This tight-fitted top will allow you to have a full range of motion while also being comfortable and breathable. 

If you are looking to stay comfortable while also keeping you and your opponent safe on the mat, it is very important to invest in the proper gear. Wearing a wrestling-approved, fitted t-shirt is a part of the essential gear high school wrestlers will need to be successful. 

Grappling Shorts

Like the t-shirts we mentioned above, your shorts should also be made of synthetic materials or made for wrestling and be somewhat fitted to avoid injury. It is also important to note that your wrestler shorts should have no outside pockets, zippers, or buttons. 

Components such as these can also result in injury for you or your opponent, so it is best to avoid them. Also, it is important to avoid cotton once again, as it will negatively affect your performance in many different ways. 

While fitted shorts are recommended, some wrestlers may be more comfortable wearing mesh shorts while on the mat. Some may even opt to wear fitted, compression shorts underneath their mesh shorts. It is really up to the wrestler and whatever they prefer and are most comfortable in.

If you are searching for a wrestling-approved pair of grappling shorts, the Elite Sports Grappling shorts are free of pockets and will keep you cool and comfortable on and off the mat. As we stated above, wrestlers can easily wear both compression shorts and grappling shorts for extra coverage and support.

It really comes down to what is more comfortable for each wrestler at the end of the day. Not only that, but you must wear the correct gear to keep you and your opponent free from injury while also allowing you to perform at your best. 

I should note however that if you are going to wrestle in high school or college you might want to check with the program before purchasing singlets, rashguards, or shorts. This is because they might have a particular kind they want you to get or will provide this gear themselves. This is, however, less likely to be the case for the other items on this list. 

Wrestling Shoes

Another required piece of gear all high school wrestlers will need is the proper set of shoes. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that offer both budget-friendly prices and quality and comfortable footwear. 

These ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes are a great budget-friendly option that comes in various colors and styles while promising wrestlers comfortability and an upper hand on the mat. If you are willing to spend a little bit more money you also can’t go wrong with the Adidas mat wizard wrestling shoes

When wearing your wrestling shoes, it is also recommended that you avoid cotton socks, as you will sweat a lot, and cotton can have adverse effects on your performance, as well as your comfort. Wool or synthetic socks are highly recommended while wearing your wrestling shoes. 

Wrestling Headgear

Wearing the proper headgear while wrestling is essential in that it protects your ears from any damage. There are many different styles available when it comes to headgear, but what you purchase will largely depend on comfort, as well as what your school allows.

Suppose you are looking for an ideal option that offers numerous styles and colors. In that case, the Cliff Keen Fusion headgear is a lightweight and comfortable option for wrestlers of all ages. This product has many positive reviews and will keep you safe and free of any ear damage.  

For high school and college wrestlers to stay safe on the mat, it is important to invest in the proper headgear. Not only will having the correct headgear help you steer clear of any injury, but it will also ensure that you are wrestling responsibly.  

Wrestling Mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard will protect wrestlers in several different ways. For one, wearing a mouthguard will limit your chances of a concussion when your jaw is hit upwards. It also saves your teeth from any damage and keeps them where you want them. 

This Sisu Aero Wrestling Mouthguard is perfect for combat sports, as it will keep you safe and ensure your comfort throughout both practices and matches. 

Not only will investing in the correct kind of gear allow you to stay safe during both practices and matches, but it will also enhance your performance, seeing how you will be fully equipped with the necessary materials. There are a ton of reasons you will need a mouthguard for wrestling so do not go cheap on this one.

Wrestling Knee Pads

Knee pads also qualify as gear high school wrestlers need to be successful while also being safe. While all schools may not require them, knee pads are a great way to support your knees while also preventing shock injuries. 

These Adidas Wrestling Knee Pads will keep your knees and your shins injury-free while also being comfortable and breathable. These knee pads also will not limit your range of motion and will keep you safe on the mat during every match. 

Cleaning Products

Another type of gear you will need for wrestling is cleaning products. What I mean are items that you can use to clean your body. To avoid some of the common skin infections found on the mats I would suggest getting some anti-fungal soap such as defense soap.

This soap is specifically designed to fight off ringworm and staph which are very common in wrestling. There are a ton of other great products as well that I talk about in my article: What is the best soap for BJJ and Wrestling? But basically, you want to get a soap that is good at fighting fungi.

Speaking of fungi, there is also the dreaded athlete’s foot so always make sure to clean your feet and keep a fresh pair of socks in your wrestling bag.

Wrestling Bag

Last but not least I would also suggest getting a high-quality wrestling bag to keep all of your gear in. My go-to would be the Adidas Wrestling Gear Back Pack or perhaps if you prefer a duffle bag you could go with this Under Armor Duffle bag

Make Sure You Have All Your Wrestling Gear Ready To Go

In this article, we went over all the required gear every high school and college wrestler will need to be successful while also staying safe. While there is not an overwhelming amount of gear needed, you will need to buy the correct items to perform at your best.

For starters, you have to invest in the proper clothing, such as synthetic and fitted tops and bottoms. Avoiding cotton-made items will keep you more comfortable, and fitted clothing will ensure you and your opponent do not get your fingers caught or snagged.

Investing in the proper shoes is also necessary for wrestlers when first starting. You will also want to have the proper headgear to protect your ears, as well as knee pads and a mouthguard to avoid injuries. 

Now that you have all the information you need to get started, you are ready to hit the mat and start wrestling. 

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