Are BJJ Instructionals Worth It? Read This Before Wasting Your Money

Are Jiu Jitsu Instructionals Worth it?

If you have never purchased a BJJ instructional online it can be hard to determine whether or not they are worth your time or money. After all, some of these BJJ instructionals cost hundreds of dollars. That’s equal to the cost of a few months of training at some academies. So are BJJ instructionals worth it? Or are they simply a waste of time and money?

As long as you choose the right BJJ instructional then they are often worth it. Of course, I would not buy BJJ instructionals over spending the money learning at a real BJJ academy. That said, I think BJJ instructionals are worth the money and can help you advance at a much faster pace than going to class alone.

Just make sure you purchase an instructional that fits your skill level and is taught by a great teacher. At Tackett Jiu Jitsu we are currently working on putting out both free and paid instructionals with an online community with direct access to William Tackett.

Check Our Free Instructionals Before Buying One

We currently have a free BJJ competition course, where William gives his best competition secrets away for free. To get access check out now check out our free Competition Guide Here! By signing up for our email list you will also be informed on when we launch our other free courses and community.

If you are not already familiar with William Tackett, he is a BJJ black belt, a world champion, and a professional no-gi grappler. I have been training under William for over 5 years now and can say he is a very gifted teacher and all-around good person.

But as far as all the other instructionals you find online, not all are created equally. Not all instructors put the same quality and effort into instructionals as others.

However, if you choose the right courses they can certainly help you get an edge over your competition. Or perhaps help you to advance belt levels at a much faster pace .

Why Some BJJ Instructionals Are Worth Your Time And Money?

There are a ton of reasons someone might want to consider investing in a BJJ instructional. This is true whether you are a new white belt or a black belt who has been practicing for many years. The biggest differences are going to be on which courses you are going to be investing in. 

For a white belt, instructionals can help you to understand the basics of BJJ at a much faster pace. Sure you probably have a professor that does a great job at teaching, however, they are only going to have so much time to focus on each student. When you are new to BJJ the basic concepts can be a lot to handle at first. 

Often times you might not want to keep asking questions in class simply because you don’t want to be the one holding up the class.

When you have an instructional designed to teach you the basics of BJJ then you can really take your time with each lesson without being worried about slowing down the class. Heck, you can watch one step of the video over and over as many times as you need to. 

The downside to the instructionals is that you can’t stop the video and ask the instructor a question. That said, it does allow us to get amazing instruction from some of the best BJJ instructors and players in the world. This is something that many of today’s Black Belts did not have the luxury of when they were first getting started. 

Thanks to instructionals and the internet there hasn’t been an easier time to learn BJJ from the greatest minds on the planet. Back in the day, you might have had to move across the country or across the ocean to learn BJJ from the best in the world. 

Are BJJ Instructionals Worth It For Advanced Belts?

No matter what your skill levels are BJJ instructionals can still help your game out tremendously. BJJ is constantly evolving and BJJ instructionals are one the best ways to stay up to date with what is going on in the world of BJJ. 

There is always something new to learn no matter how long you have been training jiu-jitsu. Maybe you don’t need to purchase the fundamentals courses but perhaps it’s time for you to finally catch up on leg locks or wrestling.

Staying up to date with BJJ instructionals can also be a great way for many instructors to stay up to date. At the end of the day, there is always something new to learn and there is probably some area that you a likely weak in. Choosing the right instructionals can certainly help the advanced belts just like they can help the white belt. 

Why Do BJJ Instructionals Cost So Much Money?

Probably the biggest thing holding you back from purchasing a BJJ instructional is the cost. Many of the programs are hundreds of dollars so I completely understand. That said, these courses are taught by the best instructors on the planet. 

These guys are very busy either teaching at their world-famous academy or practicing to become the next world champion. So naturally, their time is pretty precious to them. Though instructionals might seem pricey they are actually created so that people that don’t have as much money can still learn from them. 

If you were to get a private lesson from one of these instructors it would cost you a lot more money just to get one hour of their time. So by creating an instructional they are able to reach a larger audience with the limited time they have. 

Of course, I was not born yesterday and of course, I understand that simply paying to go to class is pushing it on what many people are able to afford. So I am not telling you to sell your dog to buy a BJJ instructional on guard passing.

But if you are serious about BJJ and can afford it then they might be worth the money. But again, you can always start with one of our free courses.

How To Avoid Wasting Your Time and Money On BJJ Instructionals

The best way to avoid wasting your time and money on BJJ instructionals is to first set your priorities straight.  How much money are you willing to spend each month or each year on jiu-jitsu education? If you only have enough money to go to class then going to class should be your number one priority. 

Outside of BJJ classes, there are a few ways in which you could invest your money to help you advance in BJJ at a faster pace. The two big ones in my opinion would be private lessons and BJJ instructionals. 

Both are excellent ways to learn at a faster pace. Though I personally think that private lessons will help you even more than instructionals, I also would say that they are going to cost you more money. Most private lessons are $100 plus per hour of training. That could equate to well over $400 per month if you wanted to do a weekly session. 

With that said, BJJ instructionals are probably the cheaper route to take. The best way to make sure you get the most out of your money is by choosing the right instructionals and with the right instructor. If you do this then BJJ instructionals are worth the time and money. 

Instructionals are also great at helping you save time as well. Perhaps due to your work schedule, you can only make it to class a few times per week. Though investing in a course won’t completely make up for time out of class it can certainly help. 

Choosing The Right Instructionals For You

The best way to make sure a BJJ instructional is going to be worth it for you is by choosing the right course. If you are new to BJJ then you do not want to be wasting your money on anything that is outside of the fundamentals. 

On the other hand, if you are more advanced then you might want to purchase a course that helps you to move to the next level or work on a more specific skill. Perhaps you go to an academy that does not teach leg locks. If so, then you might need to rely on outside information to learn these skills. 

Or perhaps your academy does not focus on takedowns as much as you would like. In this case, you might consider a BJJ instructional that focuses on takedowns. The point is that if you do not have a specific skill you want to get better at then purchasing a random BJJ instructional might fall short of your expectations. 

When learning a specific skill you also want to make sure you pick the right instructor. As we all know there are some BJJ players and instructors that are specifically known as specialists in a certain area of grappling. So choose an instructor that is well known for the skill you want to master. 

You will also find that you learn better from certain teaches than others. So choose a course with an instructor that is well known for the skill you want to learn as well as one that you enjoy learning from. It can take some time to see who you relate with but there are some things you can do to better your chances. 

BJJ Instructionals Are Worth The Money If You Choose Wisely 

Perhaps you looking into buying a course to learn a specific skill. If so then there are a few teachers that I think are probably going to be best for teaching certain skills over others. 

BJJ instructionals might not feel like they are worth the money if you do not choose the right course for you. 

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