Is Training BJJ Twice Per Week Enough?

Is training BJJ twice per week enough?

Training jiu-jitsu twice weekly is enough for your average hobbyist to get good over time. Of course, it would be better if you could train for 3-4 days instead. That said, if you can only train twice per week then don’t let that stop you from starting.

I regularly coach people who can only train BJJ twice per week and I also coach high-level competitors who often train twice per day. Will the person who person who trains twice per week be as good as the person who trains twice per day?

Well, probably not but I have seen people who train twice per week develop high-level skills over a long period. Someone who trains jiu-jitsu twice per week can get good but if you want to compete at a high level you will need to be able to train more often.

So it just depends on what your goals are. Either way, if you can only train twice per week now, don’t let that prevent you from getting started. If you can start to train more regularly that is even better but just get started.

Training BJJ Twice Per Week Is Not A Waste Of Time

I am assuming that many of you are simply wondering if training BJJ twice per week is a waste of time. As previously mentioned it is not a waste of time. Again, I have seen many people develop high-level skills only training a few times per week.

There are many reasons why someone might only be able to train twice per week. We all have different seasons in life trying to balance work, school, family, or whatever else. So I understand not everyone can train as often as I can.

So if you really can only train a few times per week then just get started and you will be happy you did. Hopefully, later you will be able to train as often as you would like.

On the other hand, If you let that excuse stop you from starting then you will probably regret it later. Even if you wait until you can train more often just think about how much progress you could have made. Even if was only training twice per week.

Would It Be Better If You Could Train BJJ More Often?

Of course, it would be better to train more than twice per week. That said, I am assuming you are asking because something is limiting your ability to train more often. 

Thankfully, you can still get good at BJJ training twice per week. If you are a hobbyist and are just looking to have fun and learn BJJ then there is nothing wrong with training twice per week.

Just don’t compare yourself to others in the class who can train more often. If you are 40 years old with a family and a full-time job don’t compare your progression with an 18-year-old who can train 6 times per week.

Just focus on learning as much as you can with the time that you can devote to jiu-jitsu. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your time.

Get Good At BJJ Training Twice Per Week

Though these tips might not apply to everyone, hopefully at least a few of them might help you. This first tip, however, is something that anyone can do.

Take Notes After Class

Since you can only make it to BJJ twice per week you are going to want to soak up as much information in the time you are given.

Taking notes after class is a great way to help you retain the information you learned in class. After all, as long as you can retain the knowledge you can certainly improve your jiu-jitsu.

Right after class is the best time to take notes. As soon as the class is over, all the knowledge you just learned is fresh in your mind. So take notes on what you practiced that day as soon as you can.

It is very easy to forget everything you learned in class after a few days. Use your notes to help you keep the techniques fresh in your mind. Then go over the drills when you have some free time.

Invest In BJJ Private Lessons

I understand that not everyone can afford private lessons. But if you can afford to make one of your sessions a private lesson you will be able to learn at a much faster rate.

I have seen some of my students who invest in private lessons be able to learn at a faster rate than people who can train more often than them.

It is just like getting a tutor for math or science. One-on-one training can help you get many classes’ worth of knowledge in the same time frame as a typical BJJ class.

Private lessons can also provide more flexibility. You cannot control the time of BJJ classes but you might be able to work with your professor on finding a time for private lessons that better suits your schedule.

Learn Jiu-Jitsu At Home

You can learn a lot of BJJ at home by yourself. There are a ton of  BJJ recourses online to help you improve your BJJ. This is exactly why I created our free instructional programs and jiu-jitsu community.

If you are new to BJJ then I would highly suggest checking out our free jiu-jitsu fundamentals course! Not only do you get access to our fundamentals course, but you also get access directly to me and our community.

It’s a great place to learn BJJ and get your questions answered. Best of all, you can learn on your own time so you are not limited to the few times you can make it to class.

You can also learn a lot from watching matches online. Simply watch the best in the world compete like you would watch any other sport you are interested in. You would be surprised how much you pick up by simply watching jiu-jitsu matches online.

Just Get Started

If you can only train BJJ twice per week that’s ok, just get started. But when you do train, put your heart and mind into it 100 percent. By simply doing this you might learn at a faster rate than many who can train more often than you.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do outside of class that can help you to improve your BJJ. But above all things don’t cheat yourself out of learning BJJ because you can’t train as often as you would like to.

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