What Is the Best Age to Start Wrestling?

What is the best age to start wrestling?

If your child has begun expressing interest in wrestling, you may be wondering what the best age is for them to start. Or perhaps you would like to get your child interested in wrestling and are wondering what is the best age to start.

The best age to start wrestling is as early as 4-5 years old, but many prefer to start their kid’s wrestling by at least 10 years old. Young children should be safe in wrestling with the proper supervision, so it comes down to what each parent and the child are comfortable with. 

Though there have been some studies on the best age to start Greco-Roman wrestling, there are fewer for Folkstyle wrestling. Though we will pull from this study much of our analysis comes from personal observation and what we hear regularly from top-performing wrestlers and coaches.

As someone who started grappling at 8 years old, I can attest to the benefits of starting early. But you could get your child started at an even earlier age than that. Just make sure they are mentally ready to get started.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of getting your child involved in wrestling early, as well as other factors you should be mindful of.

Pros of Starting Wrestling At a Young Age

While some may be hesitant to have their child start wrestling early, there are plenty of positive factors for starting early. Below, we’ll explore how any young child will benefit from participating in wrestling, no matter what age they start. 

Wrestling can boost your child’s Development

Wrestling at a young age is a great way to expose your child to physical activity and social activity that will allow them to grow in numerous ways. Getting involved in physical activity at an early age encourages any child to care about their health and fitness early on.

Getting involved in a sport such as wrestling allows any young person to learn how to interact and work with other children while also strengthening their socializing skills. Wrestling at a young age will also educate any child on how rules work, both on and off the mat.

Not only that but becoming involved in a sport such as wrestling allows your child to improve their muscle strength and coordination. If you feel your child is ready and has expressed their interest in becoming involved in wrestling, it’s clear to see there are many benefits to it. 

A Safe Sport for All Ages With Proper Supervision

While some may prefer to wait until their child is a little older before signing them up for wrestling, it’s important to note that this is a safe sport when you have proper coaching and supervision. Or perhaps I should say it is as safe as many other sports that parents tend to be more comfortable with. 

If your child is around 4-5 years of age, wrestling shouldn’t be taken too seriously and should be treated as a fun exercise for your young one. When they get a bit older, things can begin to get more competitive and serious.

 If you’re still hesitant about your young child participating in wrestling, remember it comes down to the coaching and supervision that takes place on the mat. Your child’s coach should prioritize their safety, as well as enjoyment while participating. 

It’s also important to remember that sheer force and aggressiveness are not what wrestling is about, particularly at a young age. Wrestling is all about respecting your opponent, as well as mastering the art of technique in this sport.

Kids Retain So Much Information at a Young Age

Another pro to having your child start wrestling at a young age is that their young minds are constantly soaking up new information, which will help them on the mat. 

Starting wrestling during their fundamental developing years is a great way to pick up new rules and concepts about wrestling and working alongside a team. Starting at an early age will also help them tremendously if they choose to keep wrestling as they get older. 

It’s clear to see that numerous benefits come from starting your child in wrestling from an early age. With the proper supervision and training, your child, no matter how young, will grow and develop into a strong athlete who understands how to work with others. 

Before Starting Your Child In a Wrestling Program

While wrestling is safe for kids of all ages, parents must be mindful of a few factors beforehand. Keeping these points in mind will not only ease any anxiety you have as a parent but will also keep your child comfortable and free of injury.

Age Should Not Be the Only Determining Factor

It’s important to note that your child’s age shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when determining whether your child is ready for wrestling. If your child is on the more shy side, they may not be comfortable wrestling at such a young age.

If you have an energetic and more aggressively-natured child, they may do well in wrestling right from the start. Even if your child is quieter at the moment, they may grow into their skin in the future, making them an ideal candidate for this kind of hands-on sport. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to note that age shouldn’t be the only thing you consider, but your child’s maturity and comfort level should also play a role in whether they are ready to be exposed to the world of wrestling. 

Are They Natural Wrestlers

When I was a child wrestling was simply something that came naturally. It was something me and my brother and cousin would do without anyone having to tell us about it. Of course, we didn’t use the proper technique but it was simply in our nature. 

This is also true for many other children. In my opinion, it is simply in our human nature to wrestle. A child with a natural tendency to wrestle is also a good sign that they have the attitude and nature to start wrestling.

If on the other hand, your child is still very shy and does not easily get into physical activity, then they might not quite be ready to begin wrestling. 

Your child’s natural behavior will tell you a whole lot about whether they are ready to wrestle or join other sports as well. Some children take longer to develop a more competitive nature. To be honest, some kids are simply not as naturally drawn to sports as others are. 

Burnout Is a Real Thing For Young Wrestlers

It’s proven that many childhood athletes, including wrestlers, don’t end up continuing the sports they are involved in after the age of 12 due to burnout. This is because many young athletes get caught up in the competition along the way and forget to enjoy the sport. 

This is why many coaches disagree with the idea of 4 and 5-year-olds being involved in a highly competitive sport. While this isn’t the case for every young wrestler, it’s important to remember that involving any child in a sport at such a young age, there’s a chance that they may not continue as they grow older. 

I was lucky to have great coaches and mentors to help me stay focused on grappling without losing my love for the sport.

If you choose to get your child involved in wrestling at a young age, it’s important to help them prioritize how enjoyable the sport is compared to the competition aspect of it all. 

My best advice is to steer clear of overly competitive coaches. Not that they can’t take things seriously but a good coach for children will know how to make things fun. If your child is not having fun then they will likely drop the sport as soon as they have the choice to do so. 

There Is No Perfect Age To Start Wrestling

Once again, there is no perfect answer in terms of when your child should begin wrestling. It depends on a lot of factors, such as the comfort of the parents and the child.

 If your child has expressed a love of wrestling at a young age, and you’re comfortable getting them involved, it’s a great tool for their development. On the other hand, if your child is on the more quiet side, it’s best to give them a few years before you get them involved in something so highly competitive as wrestling. 

If you’re still feeling hesitant, it’s important to remember that your children will grow socially as well when participating in wrestling. If you’re looking to get your child more involved and more active, signing them up for wrestling is a great way to do so.

It’s also crucial that you allow any young athlete to prioritize the love of the game instead of prioritizing competition and winning. But amongst all the sports you can sign your kids up for, wrestling is such a great choice, as it will make any young athlete stronger inside and out. 

So Then What Is The Best Age To Start Wrestling

In this article, we explored what the best age is to begin wrestling. While there is much debate about this topic, children can begin wrestling as early as 4-5 years old if they are ready to do so. If you start at a young age then try to find a coach who prioritizes safety and makes the sport fun.

Parents should also be aware of other factors beforehand, such as their child’s maturity level. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of whether your child is ready to be introduced to the world of wrestling.

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