William Tackett on winning ADCC West Coast Trials | Weekend Recap

The ADCC Trials has quickly become one of the toughest jiujitsu tournaments in the world. Winning the ADCC trials, ensures your spot in the ADCC World Championships, which is basically the jiujitsu Olympics. Since the ADCC Worlds only happens every other year, and only has 16 spots per division, winning the trials is in the sights of many hungry competitors.

Two years ago, I, William Tackett, won the 77kg division at the 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials. But after a less than ideal performance at the ADCC Worlds, I decided to let my younger brother, Andrew, take my spot in the 77kg division. This would mean that I would need to focus on bulking up for the next division at 88kg.

I competed for the first time in 88kg at the ADCC East Coast Trials in October of 2023. After 7 hard fought matches I ended up with 3rd place, losing to experienced ADCC Veteran, Elder Cruz. Now even more motivated, I had my sights set on this last ADCC Trials, ADCC West Coast 2024.

Arriving in Las Vegas 6 months later, I begin the West Coast Trials with aggression and assertion.

William tackett chokes out competitor of jiujitsu competition

Day One

William Tackett vs Christian Graves

I start off the match with a big slam, and then use leg entanglements to pass the guard. I utilize the mount to set up the back take, which puts me in position for the Rear Naked Choke.  Finishing my first match of the day.

William Tackett vs David Alvarez

After some wrestling exchanges, I take my opponent down with a single leg. Passing my opponent to side control, I try and wear on him as much as possible. Eventually hopping sides for the back take, and another Rear Naked Choke finish.

Day Two

William Tackett vs Anthony Robinson

In this match, my opponent is a leg locker. He immediately pulls guard and stars attacking submissions on my lower body. I am able to counter with a guard pass and take his back. Unable to get the submission, I win the match 5×0 on points.

William Tackett vs Matt Cantwell

My opponent starts early with hard clubs to my head and palming my face. I’m able to time a single leg when he reaches and put him on his back. After controlling him, I catch him off guard with a knee bar variation called the “dogbar” to win the match.

William Tackett vs Cameron Florczak

My quarter-finals happened to be a rematch from the East Coast Trials, where I previously won via points. Cameron came out early with heavy collar ties and aggressive wrestling. He was able to punch an underhook and start to get behind me, noticing this, I used my over hook and a grip on his leg, to roll under him, attacking his legs. After adjusting my grip, I extended his leg to submit him with a knee bar.


William Tackett vs Elder Cruz

Looking at this rematch with Elder, I knew to not make the same mistakes as last time we faced each other. Early on, I decided to take the lead by shooting in for a single leg, he defended by turning away and I just missed it. After a few more exchanges, I could feel him start to fade, so I only increased the pace. After chasing him down with an underhook, he went for a lateral drop throw, compromising his position and giving me an opportunity. I was able to force him into a front headlock, chase the back take, and get my hooks in to win the rematch with 3 points.

The Finals

William Tackett vs Jay Rodriguez

For my final match of the day against the strong wrestler and escape artist, Jay Rodriguez, I knew this win would require laser focus and precision. After some hand fighting from the standing position, I’m able to feint to set up my takedown and at the end of a wild scramble I’m able to find the top position and pin him in side-control. Fast forward about one minute after this moment, Jay starts to escape, in which, I counter by putting him in the reverse closed guard and attack the modified toe hold, also known as the “Abe Lock” to get the finish.

andrew tackett wins west coast trials

Recapping on the weekend, I was able to win trials gold with a 71% submission rate and officially punch my ticket back to ADCC Worlds. Although, I do have to admit the best part was seeing my brother, Andrew Tackett also secure his invite to worlds with me, winning the 77kg division. What a surreal weekend.

For more on mine and Andrew’s ADCC trial wins, check out my latest YouTube video below!

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